Use commercials as conversation starters!

Use commercials as conversation starters!

I use a lot of commercials in class to catch my students attention and get them using the target language at the beginning of class. This is one of my favorites because it is different from any Nike commercial they are used to and it’s full of Spanish culture. It is easy to talk about things they already know like descriptions, nationalities, and sports and music. I ask them a lot of questions… “Do you like this video? Who are these people? Is he cute? What dd the people look like in the video?” I’ll let them decide how long we talk but we always cover 3 things…
El video es sobre…(they tell the main idea)
Es muy… (they describe it)
En el video hay (they tell what they saw)

Here are a few other videos my students like…

Nike – Escribe el futuro

Nike – Chicharito

Pepsi – Real Madrid

Try these out in class! See if it gets some of your students more interested in class conversations!