Spring Break always seems to go by so quickly! I sit here in a mini-depression that my free time is over and back to work I go. But don’t get me wrong, I love teaching! So now I’m trying to thing of a way to motivate them, and myself, back into learning. I decided to start with a game. A coworker was talking about playing a game called “Babble” with her daughter. Here is how I adapted it for the classroom.


– Scrabble tiles (or make your own by searching “Scrabble tiles” on Google images, copy, print on card stock, cut out)

– Babble On Board


To complete your board using your tiles to make a 2-letter word, a 3-letter word and a 4-letter word.


1. Each player gets 10 tiles and a board. It is your choice if you want to let them use notes or a dictionary. I let mine use their 100 Words lists. To make it harder, only give them 9 tiles.

Babble board

2. I set a timer for 2 minutes. You can adjust this as needed.

3. They start forming words with what they have.

20130407-082857 p.m..jpg

4. At the end of time, they count how many points they used on the board. This board earned 11 points.

5. They exchange their tiles and play again.

Note: It is not always possible to use every tile every time. This is where some strategy comes into play. I used the “H” instead of the “C” because it was worth more points.20130325-105618 a.m..jpgThis could also be used as a station or small group activity. They enjoyed it, especially when they were able to beat me.

Good Luck to all as we finish our year strong!