WOW! What else can we say? We oohed and ahhed all afternoon looking at your submissions. Thanks for giving us a peek into your classrooms; you have inspired us! Here are six sweet syllabi to envy (we definitely do!).

and the winner is…


We love the cheerful graphics and colors on Kayla’s infographic syllabus! The wording is positive and it appeals to young adult learners. The school’s seal is a nice touch too.

Kayla Soltis, VA (Piktochart)

Kayla Soltis, VA

We thought Inga’s layout was streamlined with great graphic visuals that had a purpose. I bet it copies well in black and white too. We love the grade line-graph visual with a simple explanation. This is the best German syllabus we’ve seen (and the first!).

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.04.22 PM

Inga Templeton, CA

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.04.35 PM

Jeff’s syllabus mixes digital scrapbooking and realia that would look amazing on a website or Edmodo. We love how he strategically used the target language in a comprehensible way with images and arrows (see green bubble on 2nd page). I can tell this took time (and lots of passion)!

Jeff Haubenreich, MN (MS Publisher, MS Paint)

Jeff Haubenreich, MN
(MS Publisher, MS Paint)

J. Haubenreich

J. Haubenreich

Kelly’s made it very clear what was expected and how to organize it with the large boxes. Everything is positioned so well, and the arrows draw your attention to information they may need quickly.

Hass pg 1 (Spanish)

Hass pg 2 (Spanish) Hass pg 3 (Spanish) Hass pg 4 (Spanish)

This one could be a great bulletin board or even printed as a business card. We love the simplicity. No nonsense! It shows you don’t need paragraphs to explain everything. Amy said she did grayscale so it copies well.

Amy Hertel (Spanish) MI

We were pleased to see Tiffani use an image that was not so stereotypical. It represents the culture (and our mission) in a positive. I’ve used chili peppers and sombreros for many years, but imagine if an English teacher put a hamburger and blue jeans on theirs? <awkward>

Tiffani Baldwin, SC

Tiffani Baldwin, SC

So now I need to get to work on my syllabus. I hope this has inspired you too!