I wanted the students to sum up the important points of the characters. Thanks to Twitter (aka best PD ever), I discovered 6-word memoirs, another ELA activity that easily works for us, especially as a reading comprehension or creative writing task.

I searched #6words on Twitter to show them some English examples.

20130418-060945 p.m..jpg
Oprah’s mini-memoirs

Each student drew a character’s name out of the bucket. I should’ve written the names on butterflies. They could trade with someone if they wanted. Then they wrote a 6-word memoir in Spanish as if they were that character. I encouraged them to use the first person “I”.

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On the PicCollage app, they picked a background that represented the character, put their 6-word memoir in Spanish, and added the characters name.

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They turned them in on Edmodo to save ink, share with the class and give me access to them if I wanted to copy them.

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Here are my favorites. Please forgive their errors.

20130418-062026 p.m..jpg

20130418-062040 p.m..jpg

Today on Twitter I found this video that a teacher compiled of the students’ memoirs from a famous person. I will try this next time!
“Enlightened” 6 Word Memoirs Video