No matter what language a song is in, most are about love, or the lack of. Here is a list of Spanish love songs that I like to use in class and a suggested activity for each. Also share with us YOUR favorite songs!!

1.”Te Quiero” by DJ Flex and Belinda (Spanglish version, FYI, his old stage name shows up at end of video which is not class appropriate. Stop before this point.)

Activity: When they hear certain phrases, they will do a sign. Example: When they hear “te quiero,” they will touch their heart with both hands. Key words: te quiero (touch heart), feliz (point to smile), conocido (shake hands with neighbor), vida (deep breath). There’s a video with lyrics that I show too because they usually ask what he’s saying.

2. “Tengo tu love” by Sie7e (Spanglish)

Activity: They will count how many times they hear “amor”, write it on a ticket, then I will draw a winner. Also, these lyrics are really cute, so they will get a copy. This would be a good song for a cloze listening activity.

3. “Cuidarte el alma” by Chayanne (I don’t suggest this video. Just play for the music.)

Activity: Play the chorus. They touch the part he says that he likes. Key words: cara, pelo, voz, ojos, boca, loca. Maybe they can make a video for this song’s chorus?! I have a feeling these could be very entertaining!

4. “Eres para mi” by Julieta Venegas

Activity: This video has lyrics, so the students can understand it better. They can write down words they know, and then try to figure out what the song is about.

5. “Manos al aire” by Nelly Furtado (at end she strips to undergarments, decide if it is appropriate)

Activity: First learn the words TPR style: armas (gun with fingers), manos (show hands), aire (put hands up in air), amarte (touch heart then point to a person), cuerpo (trace body quickly), alma (do yoga “om” pose with fingers or praying hands), ayer (point over back, or hold up a calendar). Then during chorus, they act it out as they hear it.

What’s YOUR favorite LOVE song in another language??