True language proficiency is what your students can do on the spot. Making a prediction in the middle of a YouTube video is a fun way to practice this unrehearsed language.

Now, novices may not be able to create on their own but you can help them learn how to do it. Give them a few options (that are comprehensible and include lots of cognates) and let them guess. More advanced students can make their own predictions. It’s a great way to practice the future tenses in a context that makes sense. Plus, it’s a fun way to create with the language. Any answer might be right!

Unit: Activities/Sports

Pause at 0:17 to show the options and let students make their prediction.


FullSizeRender-4Unit: Health/Doctor

Pause at 0:25 and let students make predictions (with or without options – you know your students!)



Unit: Friendship/Community

Press Pause at 0:20 for predictions.


Looking for more ways for students to respond to YouTube videos?

Here are a few other ideas!

Why it should be part of EVERY lesson

#1 Identify Aspects of Culture

#2 Focus on the Facts

#3 Open It Up

(Featured photo by Steve Dean

Videos from YouTube but they can also be found on our Chispas page)