Are you required to do  “warm-ups/sponges/bell work” at your school? Our administrators like to see them in classes at my school. I don’t like doing them just because we have to. If it is meaningless then I am just wasting our students’ time. Kara created this awesome format for a warm up and I tweaked it a little for my classes. Here it is.

  • The date and the “How are you?” box are good ways to review and help students practice some of those basics.
  • The “Yo puedo…” box is next. Students copy the goal of the day from the board, and it helps them focus on exactly what they should be able to do by the end of the class. I mention each classes’ goal everyday, but it seems that having the students put this on paper makes this task a bit more personal.
  • I show a video clip in Spanish that relates to the lesson each day and they write about it afterwards. My students learned how to say “It’s about…” and “In the video, there is…” and really get good about giving their opinions and explaining why they feel that way.
  • The last box is for my warm-up question, which I now do at the end of class. It gives students a chance to use what they learned that day. I walk around and give about 6 students instant feedback on what they wrote by marking the mini-proficiency scale on the side (Novice Low, Mid, High, Intermediate Low, Mid). You wouldn’t believe how many times they have asked me… “What do I have to do to become an intermediate low?” and I’ve got them right where I want them. 🙂

Later, when students look back over this it serves as notes for them. They see what day it was, the goal for that day, and then a little paragraph as a sample of them using what they learned.

I love this warm-up! It’s been a really good way to get things started and provides some closure to the class as well. It’s a work in progress, but I am starting to realize so is almost everything I do as a teacher!

Hope this provides a spark of inspiration for your classroom somehow. Have a great day!

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