For most teachers, we have topics to cover and a curriculum to follow. I’ve always been a team player, but I like to put my own twist on it to connect with my students. In the next few posts, Megan and I want to share how we have changed up the “family” unit. Check out 10 tough questions I start with when planning.


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family Jefferson County Public Schools, KY, 2014


First the brainstorming… I started by looking at the goals that the district has set. Then I thought about my students and asked a lot of questions.

– What would they be interested in that comes from the target culture?

– Which families from the target cultures would be good to talk about?

– What authentic resources would support the goals?

– How can we connect with the community?

– Is there an organization we can help out?

– Are there any career connections?

– Who can come into class (or videochat) to give a first-hand connection? (preferably a native speaker)

– How are they using 21st Century skills? What “product” should they create?

– How will I keep it all in the target language?

– Can I connect with another content area teacher?

Just a little to think about, right?!

How do you start your planning process? Any other tough questions?