Allison’s Muerto door is EXCITING and INFORMATIVE! It gives great, relevant information with bright visuals including real products and colorful photos. It’s cultural and current. The font has an authentic vibe. There are many items, but it is not cluttered. Congrats to Allison Kruder for winning our Most Exciting Door contest!


Here are 9 other great designs to inspire you. If you can’t decorate a door, they would also make a good bulletin board.


I love how Jessica’s door gives information about current Latino artists completely in the target language. Maybe students could rate them on the door after they listen to them??


Courtney said her school is focusing on career and college this year, so she made her door fit that goal by listing careers that use a World Language. Good connection!


Andrea decorated her outside door with the weather phrases by punching letters on vinyl cling sheets (usually Jo-Ann stores sell it). Here’s a post about it if you want more info:


Will your students ever come in with all those magnets to play with?! Lynn said she is near the gym and has seen students and parents playing with them during evening events. Amazon sells the magnets, including sign language ones!


Kathy and Elizabeth have created a word wall, I mean, word door, to reinforce high-frequency and transition words to increase their students’ proficiency level. The duct tape on Kathy’s door is a great way to edge the paper and keep it on the door. Elizabeth said that she did this to support the school’s reading-writing literacy focus. Kathy said she was inspired by Martina Bex‘s Pinterest page.


I liked the overall feeling of Christina’s door area. A simple “Au Revoir” above, a culture icon, and super cute coordinating prints on the sides.


These little monsters on Jodi’s door are dry-erase, so she can change them as needed.


“Welcome to the 21st century! All devices and technology welcome.” Well said, Emily!


Sidonie put a cheap melamine panel on her door to make it a whiteboard. The exciting part: this is where she tracks how long students can “last” with a teacher who only speaks in French. Then she plots it in a table and lets them compete against other classes. Maybe the next step is to see how long students will stay in target language?? She is teaching in NSW Australia, which also makes the door unique in my opinion.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted! More top tens coming soon…