One of the staples of my classroom decor has survived over the years and several new classrooms… my question word posters. A friend printed, laminated, and shared them with me when I first started teaching. They have really helped students learn how to respond to my questions. In fact, they are so useful I overlooked their flaws. However, they caught my eye one day and it hit me… It’s time for an upgrade!

My old posters did the job, but a lot changes since I first started teaching!

(Flashback to 2008: gas dropped to less than $2/gallon, The 5th Harry Potter movie was in theaters, the 1st gen. iPhone was released, and that “Boots with the fur” song came out)

Now when I look at my posters…

1.) They seem too “kiddie” for high school – Where are the real pictures?

2.) The lamination makes them hard to read from some areas of the room

3.) They have NO cultural connections

So I took a little time, picked new fonts and pictures, and printed them on cardstock.

Check out the makeover…


photo 3


After (without the English translations):

Better, huh?!? They are a breath of fresh culture. I’m excited to see students make connections with the people and products!

Have a great week, everybody!

Original Publication: Mar 9, 2014

Merci Wendy F. for helping with translations!