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Fashion, sculpture, graffiti, ballet, flamenco, mosaics… What art inspires you? How do you promote language learning through the arts? Give an idea! Take an idea! Today is the last day, but there is still time to go back and add your authentic resources for food, places, events, and people. Thanks for sharing great ideas and
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Are you up for the (infographic) challenge?

Published Jan 12, 2016 – Contest is over, but here’s the post just in case you want to reference it to do in your own class. It’s no secret… we love INFOGRAPHICS! They are a perfect source for quick comprehensible input for language learners of all levels. They’re also a creative way for students to show
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3 Quick and Easy Reading Forms

Having generic forms has been a major timesaver when working with authentic resources. I used to rack my brain to come up with questions for each article or infographic I found… not anymore! I save my specific questions for our discussions AFTER reading. These are three easy forms I use with news articles, reviews or
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Culture Board

Our principal asked us to spruce up the hallways and show the awesomeness that is going on in our classes. So I thought… What is our focus? What can I do that won’t take too much time to create? And update as the year goes? 

Love your shoes!

Real life… About clothing… Well I usually compliment people on what they are wearing or I’ll ask where they got it or how much it was. When I worked in retail, those were the simple tasks I did about any object in the store. So today’s lesson was focused on real world tasks that could
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Frankenstein vocabulary

I’m experimenting with new ways to take vocabulary notes. I don’t mind giving them a list, but that puts all the work on me. I love the idea of creating picture dictionaries; however, I have some students that are not fond of trying to be an artist. So I’ve tried letting them cut out pictures
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30 Seconds: A Circumlocution Speaking Game

The number one reason students choose to take a world language is because they want to SPEAK it. How much of your class time is spent on students speaking in Spanish? How do you keep them accountable for speaking it? There are so many reasons we may not do this as often as we should
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