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April Inspiration

Hel-lo April! So glad to have a little more sun on my face. Planning an exciting lesson is a little harder for me during this time of year. Hopefully a few of these celebrations/festivals will add that much needed curiosity to our lessons. Please share what inspires your April lessons too!

Independent Listening – 3 Family Videos

Language learners need a lot of input. That’s a fact. However, not all input is equal. They need authentic examples of vocabulary in action to grow, and not just from their teacher. That’s why I love YouTube. There’s so much students can learn from a YouTube video (language, culture, pronunciation… just to name a few)
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3 Quick and Easy Reading Forms

Having generic forms has been a major timesaver when working with authentic resources. I used to rack my brain to come up with questions for each article or infographic I found… not anymore! I save my specific questions for our discussions AFTER reading. These are three easy forms I use with news articles, reviews or
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Culture Board

Our principal asked us to spruce up the hallways and show the awesomeness that is going on in our classes. So I thought… What is our focus? What can I do that won’t take too much time to create? And update as the year goes? 

Muerto Plans

Every year I seem to change how I teach about the Dia de los Muertos (DM). Here’s what I’ve done this year, in addition to the Festival, that are more focused on using the language.

San Valentín and Comparing Cultures

I’ve got a few students who had me last year and I know they will want a fresh challenge. They are beginning intermediate speakers, so I try to push them to be able to compare in Spanish. Culture is a wonderful way to do this task.

Play cards in class. Cucharas!

I loved playing cards growing up – skip-bo, UNO, euchre, rummy! Card games are competetive, quick, and they make you think. A friend of mine suggested playing “SPOONS” in class – and so I tried it out.

Top 3 videos about descriptions (Spanish)

I show a short video clip that relates to the daily goal at the start of every class and these are my a few of my favorites! I usually go for all authentic videos but #2 is so catchy that students can’t get enough of it. 1.) “Sin gol, no hay futbol” – Gol Television
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Let them make their own “BONITO” shirts describing themselves!

While my classes learn descriptions I always show the music video “Bonito” by Jarabe de Palo. (Here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxhET61yB1A&ob=av2e ) He wears his famous red shirt with “Bonito” on it and it’s just weird enough that my students always like it. I got the idea to let students make their own shirt to describe themselves from my friend
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Get ’em talking! Why else would anyone take Spanish class?

All I did in my Spanish class during high school was write! We practiced and praticed and praticed, but it was only ever read by 2 people: my teacher (who circled all my errors) and me. My classes were sometimes given the chance to practice with our friends in class but it was basically pointless because we were all rookies in Spanish and it was
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