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Stations + Accountability

In an ideal station world, all of the stations and their activities lead to one big goal. So this means I need to carefully choose activities that are challenging, relevant to their lives, and at their proficiency level (try not to take them back to Novice low!). No problem, right?! I personally do not want
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Solving Station Issues

Every teacher faces different challenges when setting up stations. I love any challenge because it causes me to be more creative. Here are a few I’ve experienced and how I overcame them. CART TEACHER, NO CLASSROOM For two years I invaded a different classroom for each class. I did not have the chance to set
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One Solution: Stations!

Published on: Aug 26, 2012 During my first two years of teaching a language, I noticed some patterns. 1.) Although I had big classes (around 30), about 5-10 students did the majority of speaking in class in the TL. 2.) Students got bored easily. I needed to change the activity/task every 10-15 minutes (especially with level one students)
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