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Fashion, sculpture, graffiti, ballet, flamenco, mosaics… What art inspires you? How do you promote language learning through the arts? Give an idea! Take an idea! Today is the last day, but there is still time to go back and add your authentic resources for food, places, events, and people. Thanks for sharing great ideas and
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Foods & Drinks

Share your favorite AuthRes about foods and drinks from the target culture!

Give an idea! Take an idea!

We as teachers spend so much time searching for the perfect authentic resource to support our lessons, and when you find the right one it’s like winning the lottery. So starting Monday, we’d love to see YOU share your favorites… and walk away with a few new gems for yourself! We can’t wait to see
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3 Quick and Easy Reading Forms

Having generic forms has been a major timesaver when working with authentic resources. I used to rack my brain to come up with questions for each article or infographic I found… not anymore! I save my specific questions for our discussions AFTER reading. These are three easy forms I use with news articles, reviews or
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Refresh your Resources!

Many of us are breaking away from the textbook to give students a more authentic language learning experience. A book is never BAD, but there are so many resources just a click away!

Reading Station

The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Seuss My favorite station to plan for and have in class is a reading station. There are so many authentic readings available thanks to the internet. Even without a lot of resources, I can
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