Most of us take a sick day every once in awhile, right?? Usually I’m running around, trying to find anything to keep them busy. I have found that having a sub binder prepared makes the process less stressful. My last sub thanked me for having everything so organized.

Tell the sub or office where your sub binder is located. I include a photo to help them help. Currently I keep my binder in my bottom right desk drawer. If I know ahead of time, I’ll put it on the desk.


I will include my schedule with the bell times in the front with the specific plans for the day. I have a tab for each period that has the students’ pics and names. I will also put the student copies behind the tab and ask the subs to put completed work back in that spot.


Then I have my stash of emergency lesson plans. These are for times when I can’t physically, or mentally, create a plan. We are required to have 5 plans ready at the beginning of the year. I have numbered tabs with a different daily plan behind each tab. These are generic plans for any level and unit.


I want the lessons to be as engaging as possible, so they would do them. One is about the culture, another about vocabulary, and another about quotes/proverbs. 

One tab has a bunch coloring sheets. When we did art units, I made one of the optional homework to create a coloring sheet. Then I used these as sub plans. I note that students can do these after they finish other work or they can write a short story using the words.

How do you organize your sub plans?