Spring is here! This is a great time to share some of the unique traditions from other countries.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. I hope you also share your ideas too.

Egg Hunt
To get students out of their seats, my Spanish 2 students made an Egg Hunt for my Spanish 1 class.

In a small group, they had 5 plastic eggs with a symbol drawn on them (stars, hearts, dots, stripes, or you could do colors). Each group researched a different country. They wrote one fact on a slip of paper in Spanish and put it in the egg. One fact had to be the name of the country. When they had a fact in each egg, they hid them around the room.

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The other class came in, were grouped, and assigned a symbol. Their task was to find the 5 eggs with their symbol and figure out the traditions for that country. After they did this, they shared their findings with the class. Some groups started looking up the traditions on YouTube.

We make earth-friendly Cascarones. We decorate the egg shells with markers and fill them with flour and birdseed. On Viernes Santo, we go outside and break them. For some reason I end up the messiest at the end of the day.

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Semana Santa
This Pinterest link has many great videos to show in class about Semana Santa and so much more (especially French resources). Thanks to Mrs. Misiano for sharing this link on Edmodo.
Sunny Earth Academy

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How do you teach about the spring traditions?