Do your students understand your questions? It’s easy for students to get most of what you say but miss the QUESTION word!

For example: _________ did you eat?

The question could have easily been… when, where, with whom, or why.

The question words are important… and they take practice! That’s why we love these simple question word posters. They are easy to read, have pictures that help the students understand, and connect with the culture. We’ve shared them before, and we want to share them again… with a little something new.

Endlich! We’ve added German to the collection!

Danke Mira Canion! Merci Josh Doty! They helped us with our translations.


In addition to the poster set, here are all the questions on ONE page. Cart teachers can give a copy to each student to put in their notebooks. You could leave them at a reading station or laminate a few and put one on every table. Whatever works best for you!


Download the posters here:

Download the student question sheet here:

How will you use these posters?