I’m always looking for a really lucky student to take to Vegas, so I brought in some games to test their skills. No really, I wanted to teach some basic prepositions of location and thought of a friendly little game we play at parties called LRC. Students learn how say “left, right, center, and stay” from playing the game. My students love this game because it’s fast-paced, simple, and fun.

Here are the basic rules to the game:  Normal Rules  The main tweak I make is that they have to say what they are doing in Spanish. If they don’t, another student can call them on it and take one of their chips. Sometimes I use candy like Smarties or Jolly Ranchers instead of the plastic chips. They love winning that pot! They usually share with the group anyways, so everyone wins.

LRC Cheat Sheet


They beg me to play any time we have extra time in class. You want to keep learning? Ok!!

After playing and at the end of class, I asked them to describe their bedroom (vocab we started learning this week). Their proficiency levels shot up just knowing these words! And it was more interesting to read. Tomorrow I will read these, and they will draw what they hear…

Another version!

This one was created to practice giving directions so it uses “straight ahead” instead of “center” and it uses regular dice. The download has a few versions: English, Spanish, French, German, and a blank.



Thanks to Amy for the great idea of buying blank dice and making our own by writing: I D C . . . !