If you’re planning to take time to update (or overhaul) your curriculum, prep for teaching a new level for the first time, or add new units, the next few posts are for you!

updating world language curriculum

Can you relate? Change is hard  (and sometimes necessary) but the rewards can definitely be worth it! In order to grow I needed to let go of what wasn’t increasing my students’ proficiency and fill in gaps when my units were lacking. This is still a work in progress but the goal in sharing is to encourage you and inspire even better ideas!

Here’s what we think is really important when planning new units!

  • Finding a cultural focus for any generic unit topic
  • Making ACTFL’s 5 Cs the foundation for the unit
  • Identifying ways for students to investigate, participate and interact with the target culture
  • Deciding on the major unit goals

I have found that when I map out these four pieces, meaningful learning starts to happen. It’s no longer “covering” material or “building the plane as I’m flying it.” I know where I am going, my GPS is set, and I am ready for an adventure.

Are you working on new units or curriculum? What are your goals? What’s pushing you to change?

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