I was once told that I should look at my lesson plans to fix my classroom management issues. I was a little offended at first. Then I really looked at my plans and realized that they mainly consisted of writing activities from the book. It was boring. It was repetitive. They were not speaking in Spanish. No wonder they acted up!

Now I have a template that reminds me to cover a variety of skills, stay focused on the goal (backward design), and input before output.

Usually I mark all over this and include all of my activity ideas. I don’t use all of them, but then I have it to look at next time. I add numbers to show what order I want to present them. Just remember to have input (listening and/or reading) before output (speaking and/or writing)! See the post “My biggest teaching mistake” for more about this. Also I use Post-it notes to add a date so I can reuse these.

Special thanks to Roya P., Julia S., Mariam, Kristy, and others for this post idea! We love it when you let us know what you’d like to see.