I love to let students be in charge of finding their own vocabulary words! I find the are more likely to remember them when they discover them on their own. Sometimes, this is hard to do. Many students look up the wrong word in the dictionary or use a translator incorrectly. However, if they get the vocabulary from an authentic source then the words are usually used in context and many times include a picture.

For a clothing/shopping unit there are tons of sources that students can use to figure out new words! Mine all found the main clothes items from the El Corte Inglés website.  The next day they found around 10 clothing accessories from the People en Español magazines (which is also online) that I have in the room. ZARA – España is another great online shopping experience.

Here are a few glances at the authentic resources my students had their hands on…

IMG_2360 IMG_2348 IMG_2345 IMG_2344 IMG_2357 IMG_2355

In the end, they found their new vocab (without a dictionary or translator) with a big dose of culture. They were asking tons of questions about what they saw! Success!

What other great resources can students use to find their own vocabulary instead of just getting a list in class?