Have you heard "Kitipun" yet? If not, you need to!

The first single from Juan Luis Guerra's new album was just released on April 5 and it's making major waves. The bachata beat is super catchy, the lyrics are sweet, and the visuals make it easy to understand what he's saying (PERFECT for language classes). Watch it now... and then keep reading!

Then the "KITIPUNFLOW" was born...

Juan posted the video below challenging others to DANCE and the internet is responding. Celebs like Zoe Saldana, Juanes, Ricky Martin, the crew from Univision, (and many more) are posting their versions of the JLG bachata shuffle. Sound familiar? Your students will definitely remember the #InMyFeelings Challenge from 2018 and the viral videos that followed.

People are talking, tweeting + posting "KITIPUNFLOW" like crazy...

This makes for great authentic input for us to read, watch and listen to in class!

#kitipunchallenge #kitipunflow

Let them try it!

Have them try the challenge as a brain break that gets them moving and has a real-life cultural connection. Bonus! Here's a "backdrop" to project while they "perform."

#KitipunFlow #KitipunChallenge

Ahh... Don't these lyrics just make you smile?!?.

Now, let them read the lyrics while listening to the song. See what they understand and what they want to know. Visual learners will appreciate being able to see them written out. We put a few tweets specifically about the lyrics. Let learners give their opinions. What is your most prized possessions that you would give to someone you love? What would you NOT give to them? Check out that "toblerone" tweet below... 😂

Todo lo que tengo es tuyo, incluyendo…

Todo lo que tengo es tuyo, pero…

Trending topics = connections to real like and native speakers!

When something is trending, we believe it's worth talking about it in class. These are those relevant moments that they will remember! We hope these ideas get them talking and engaged and . Extension Ideas: Learn more about Juan Luis Guerra, his music, Bachata, and related Bachata artists.


Share your ideas below with the community! This whole post was inspired by our Dominican amiga Johanny sending Megan a text about the dance challenge. Gracias! ~ Megan & Kara


  1. Gretchen Batalis

    ¡Gracias, Megan! ¡Me encanta! ¡Perfecto para baile viernes mañana y después de la locura de marzo!

    • Megan Smith

      ¡Con gusto, amiga! Qué lo disfrutes 🙂

  2. Karen Kendall-Sperry

    Me encanta gracias por todo.

  3. Greg Gross

    Awesome. I just did bachata en fukuoka last week.

    • Megan Smith

      Are you a dancer? You could really impress them if you learn the whole thing by Monday 🙂

  4. Gregory Gross

    HUGE hit today. Now every time my student asks if it’s a class copy or, “Es mi papel?” I respond, singing…”El papel es tuuuyo….tuuuuuuuyo…..tuuuuuyo…..”

    • Megan Smith

      haha, so creative! That’s a joke even a native speaker would laugh at! Thanks for sharing, Gregory!

  5. Caitlin

    Thanks for passing this along! We also stumbled upon the resources that Carrie Toth so generously shared on her blog! https://somewheretoshare.com/2019/04/13/resources-for-the-kitipun-challenge/

    We just had 13 sections of 5th graders and some staff record it. For anyone interested in knowing: we had our district social media team look into it, and they said it was legal to create the challenge. They are going to upload ours to youtube instead of insta, and then post it to our school FB page and Twitter. They said it was fine because the artist is promoting it, so copyright was not an issue. We also had them fill in a card with something they would give someone else, and they had a lot of fun coming up with silly things like microwaves and lizards. Thanks again!

    • Megan Smith

      How fun! (microwaves and lizards… sounds like 5th grade! Ha!) Definitely something they will all remember 🙂


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