Language learners need a lot of input. That’s a fact.

However, not all input is equal. They need authentic examples of vocabulary in action to grow, and not just from their teacher. That’s why I love YouTube. There’s so much students can learn from a YouTube video (language, culture, pronunciation… just to name a few) and they can do it without me!

As my novice learners started to communicate about family, I picked these three simple commercials for a quick listening station.

I posted this simple question:


¿Quiénes son las personas mencionadas en los videos?

Then I left a few copies of these QR codes, 5 iPads and a few sets of headphones.


I loved watching students watch videos more than once. Some stopped it when they missed something and backed it up a few seconds. Others went to their dictionary to look up “Besos” because they were dying to figure out what that meant.

Were a few kids off task? Yes, but no more than would have been in any activity or lesson. Giving students the freedom to talk and explore and learn on their own is important.

Independent Listening…Try it. It’s a beautiful thing!