Let me start by saying there are lots of ways to assign a grade to a proficiency rubric. It is not a perfect conversion, so this is how I do it to keep it simple.

1. Students take a proficiency-based assessment (speaking or writing). The last row “comprehension” is only used for interpersonal assessments.
2. I check the boxes where I feel they are hitting. I do not factor in the “Minor Focus” as part of their grade. I had a training called MOPI from ACTFL that really helped me distinguish their proficiency levels. I highly suggest you have someone help you or take a training to learn how to do this. Also Greg Duncan is a consultant that can assist your school/district with this.

3. According to the expectations for the class level, I assign a grade. So if they are in the Novice High column in level 1B, they earn a B.

4. If they are between two levels, I split the difference. So this student below would get a B+.

5. I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS… Another way to do this is to assign a point value to each box, add up the total points earned divided by the total possible. Then you can have a specific percentage. However be careful! In this example below, the percentage does not match my district’s requirements. It lowers the student’s grade. :/

Their grade in my class is based on what they can do on these performance assessments. I have trained my students to focus on their level, instead of their grade. I even write their proficiency level on the comments on their grade reports. If you ask my students their grade, you’ll hear them say… Well I am a Novice High so I have a B. They RARELY ask me for their grade. Yay! If they do not complete an assessment, that really lowers their grade until they attempt it. I also let them retake an assessment if they want to improve.

Here’s one example of how you can add a percentage. Again, this is a guideline.

Here are some examples of different categories I’ve used at different times/schools.

This one was to make a past district happy that required these categories.

This one I used at a standards-based school. I liked tracking their progress without putting a grade.

I think the most important point about these rubrics is…

The focus is on the LEARNING, not the GRADE.

Any suggestions?? Questions??