The end of the unit is here. Time to let them shine! For each unit I TRY to do a speaking and writing assessment to measure their skills. I don’t expect them to remember everything, but to show what they can do with it. Here are my assessments (which are available at JCPS WL).



Writing: The scenario is that you missed an online chat so explain why. With this level, I’m pushing for them to connect with the reader and make their writing more natural with connected sentences. Also they are learning to talk about what happened (past tense). Yes, she makes several errors, but I’m impressed that she is creating with the language. Originally I gave her an intermediate mid, but now I’m thinking imed. low. Your thoughts?


Speaking: This one they did with me. I was the sick patient with many identities like Oprah, Obama, and Shakira. I enjoy getting a few props like thermometers, tissues, and I wish I had some fake vomit! They filled out the bottom in English to show what they understood. They practiced this exact prompt with each other previously and they were so focused! While I was assessing, they were practicing or working on Real World homework.


Reflection: Afterwards, they chart their results and reflect on their learning. Each student has a portfolio with their assessments and reflection sheet that is passed on each year. In our school, they can use one of their Spanish writings in their English portfolio too. (I think the English portfolio guidelines are changing…) This makes a wonderful review packet for them later. In upper levels, students are amazed at how little they knew in level one. I love showing them their progress!