Next I will be teaching “Hanging Out” to level 1 and “Around Town” to level 2. I will focus on sharing activities for these units. When classes are mixed (2 levels together) or there are students on different proficiency levels, it is very important to differentiate our instruction and activities to appropriately challenge all. All year I have had mixed classes and I get new students weekly. Always a fun challenge!


The “Tourwrist” app is one that I love to use. The students are amazed at “being there.” This app works on both iPhones and iPads (but way cooler on the iPad). If needed, ask permission for the students to use their smart phones in class for this activity or set it up as a station if you have limited technology. Google Earth is another site that is similar if you don’t have iTechnology.

I tell the students to go to “Bayeaux Cathedral” in France. Once there, I tell them to put the iPad in their hands, look up, down, left, right, behind, etc. (arriba, izquierda, etc). Then I ask “Where are you?” and “What do you see?” (in target language). You will hear lots of happy sounds! I’ll never forget the first time I did this. Thanks Thomas S.!


Next they have a small list of places to visit and they pick some to add to the list. They tell where they are and what they see. To challenge the intermediate students, I ask “Would you go there? Why?” They usually need their trusty dictionary for this.

For my students that have never left the city, it amazes them to see what’s out there. That’s enough to make this a successful lesson to me!