Authentic readings are a great way to get students exposed to the language. I vary what they will do with them depending on their proficiency level. Usually I ask them to identify the new vocabulary words being used. I have found that when I ask them to do this task, they often spend extra time trying to figure out the entire reading. 


Here are some authentic reading ideas for the “I need a doctor” unit:

* Signs and flyers about health (

* Magazine ads for beauty products or medicine (Can find on Internet too)

* Pictures of signs (bathrooms: Lavese las manos) (

* Flyers from pharmacies (Walgreen’s clinic usually has these in Spanish. Just ask!)

* Business cards from chiropractors and doctors

* (Search a body part in Spanish to find an article)

* Articles from the Internet about sports and such (

Activity: I gathered several authentic readings from the above sources. If you print it, I highly suggest that it is in color just to make it seem more real to them. I number the readings so the students can easily refer to which ones they have done. Also I wrote how many body words they should find in that reading in parenthesis. You can hang them up or pass them around. Students write down the number of the reading and the body words they recognize (see photo below). I had 12 readings that took them 20 minutes to complete. If you want to shorten the time, you can give a time limit or fewer to complete.


Now it’s their turn! For a Real World homework assignment, they need to bring me an authentic reading. That way I keep my resources fresh.

UPDATE: After rereading this post, I’m trying to think of ways to avoid the translating in the last activity. Next time I could include a body outline where they can put the article number and just put arrows to the parts. Any ideas?!