Currently my students are learning to describe their families. Today’s goal was “I can tell the ages of my family members.” They are comfortable with the numbers 1-30, because we say the date every day. Now they need larger numbers to talk about parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Here are two activities we used today.



Spanish Numbers app
I downloaded the free app. In the settings, you can change the dialect and the number range. This led to an interesting conversation about the Castilian “th.” There are two interactive activities that I like (reading and listening).


Authentic Cards
I created 4 sets of the number cards from one deck of cards. With a partner, they flip the cards and practice saying the number. I put the magnetic letter “y” (this means “and”) to help them see the pattern. The cards also brought up some interesting comments about the culture.

In the past, I’ve done similar activities with dice. This time they were more engaged and excited to play with the cards. After they saw a few photos of my family members with their ages written out, the students were able to tell the ages of their family members on the exit slips. Success!

Next class, I want to include some authentic readings about people and their ages. I have some bios from People en Español. Any other suggestions for authentic readings with ages?