Right now they are learning how to say different parts of the body so that they eventually will be able to talk about injuries and illnesses. Today I want to share a few activities that I enjoy for this topic.

Trace bodies. Using butcher paper and some notecards, they create a body and 10 parts they don’t know yet.

After they create it, they move around to a different group’s body. Give them time to study the labels, then they have 30 seconds to label it. Have them keep moving around to different ones.

Flyswatter. Use the bodies from the previous activity. Someone says a part, they race to smack it first. Try putting Justin Bieber’s face on the body too. 🙂

Simon dice… saca la lengua! Quick, easy, no prep, Simon says. It is a great listening activity that gets them moving and they learn “says, touch, stick out” Have fun making them do silly things. Let them tell you what to do too!

Head, shoulders, knees and toes song. I use cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies. They learn this so fast and we start each class with this for a week. It was one of my homework stamps to sing this from memory.

Frankenstein bodies. (This is a previous post) Basically a picture vocabulary sheet.

Quick quiz. Label the body parts. Give the same quiz and let them feel good about how their spelling and amount improves. (This student wanted to write the English too.)

Chalk outlines. They can trace shadows outside with chalk. Then label it or maybe step on it when you say it.

Aliens/Monsters. They will sit in a circle. I will say “write your initials on the bottom of your paper.” Then I will say “draw 2 heads.” They will do that. Then I’ll tell them to pass their alien to the left. I give another command, they do it, and then we pass again. Continue this for a little bit. Mix in some color and size words. Then return to owner. The owner has to name the alien and describe it. Great listening and writing activity.

Any other ideas??