I’m experimenting with new ways to take vocabulary notes. I don’t mind giving them a list, but that puts all the work on me. I love the idea of creating picture dictionaries; however, I have some students that are not fond of trying to be an artist. So I’ve tried letting them cut out pictures or use clip art. Then I saw “Frankenstein” when I was observing my fabulous KTIP teacher Kim!


The students make a PG-rated (yes, you need to remind them of this) Frankenstein by cutting out different body parts from magazines and put them together. Then they label the parts using a picture dictionary or the vocab page in the textbook. I actually left this as a sub plan and the students were so proud of them. The sub said she enjoyed the day too. 🙂 99% completed the sub work that day.

Now I’m thinking, what else can they “Frankenstein”? An ugly outfit? What’s in Frankenstein’s backpack? Or Beyonce’s purse? What activities would Justin Bieber do? What does Jack Black’s room look like? What stores and fun things would your own personal island have on it? Could this be tied into a quick lesson on Picasso and cubism?