My husband Chris is the shyest person on Earth. Seriously! We’ve had some “thrilling” dinner conversations about his school. He basically only liked the parts where he worked alone. French class… he’d rather take a 0 than speak in front of a class. When I lesson plan, I try to think about the shy student. How can I get them talking comfortably? Skits? That’s really pushing it. Record them speaking on camera? Better, but still unnerving. Sock puppets? YES!!

This is a free iPad app where the students record their voice to moving sock puppets. They pick how many puppets, the background, the props, and then they distort their voice. If they choose two puppets, they can have a conversation with each other. They are so excited to show off their creations. 🙂 I am going to use them tomorrow as an interpretive listening activity.

No iPads? Try Voki.com.

This is an example of the instructions I gave them: