I LOVE giving my students a chance to give me feedback! I try not to do it too much, but it’s fun for me to see how each students learns best. Most kids tell me when something is fun to them, but I always ask – “What activities have we done lately that have really helped you LEARN?”

These 4 things happen when I ask for feedback…

1.) Students are forced to reminisce about the week, the different activities we did, and what they learned.

2.) Students feel proud about something they learned and walk out of the door with a memory of something they LIKED about class.

3.) I get to see which activities were considered most helpful for each class and can use this information to help me better plan for the upcoming week. (I may have the same lesson to teach for multiple classes – but how I teach may need to be different.)

4.) I usually am pleasantly surprised! Even some students that I thought weren’t into a certain lesson would say that it was their favorite. Plus, I learn that even the activities that didn’t go exactly like I had planned still ended up being very helpful to some!

Try it! Find out what students liked about your class and use it to make next week even better! Here are a few of the comments I walked away with this week… it’s my reminder that each kid has a unique learning style. Having a variety of activities and giving students options will maximize their success!