Original Publish Date: February 1, 2012

Valentine’s Day will be here soon! In the past, I usually bring in Corazones Dulces (Conversation Hearts in Spanish) and try to do an activity. This year I found a picture on Pinterest from an elementary teacher and adapted it to Spanish.


1. Buy the Corazones Dulces. If you can’t find them around town, Amazon has bags of them.


2. I show a picture of my example of the Candy letter to my love Antonio Banderas so they can figure out what it’s saying. (modeling) They could jot this down on a white board.

3. Then each student (or put them in pairs) gets a box of candies. I give them time to just look at them, but I tell them “No los comas.” 🙂

4. Next they write their own Candyletter. I have them take a photo and email me. You could also just walk around. Very few students will avoid this activity. I like to have the pictures to show to the other class or make a bulletin board.

5. If you want, they could give their cards to someone else without the candies in place to see if they can fill in the answers. However, this means lots of fingers on their candy. I usually just let them have their candy, and eat it too.

Qué “dulce” <3