Teachers are good at asking questions. We do it all day long. “How are you?” “What is the date?” Who is ready?” “What do you think?”  and many more! Questions are the one way to keep a conversation going but normally the one practicing their questioning skills is the teacher. One way to help students practice their interpersonal skills is by an activity that teachers in my district call “ASK, ASK, SWITCH.”

1.) Write a question for every student in the class  (something to do with your current unit/review from last unit/ crazy opinion questions) and put each question on it’s own notecard.

2.) Give every student a notecard.

3.)  Let the mini-conversations begin.

4.) They now ASK and answer, ASK and answer, and SWITCH questions and move to a new partner.

Language guru Bill VanPatten said something like this… We get better at the very things we practice.

Give your students lots of opportunities to ASK different questions to different people and time to ANSWER them too!

(The more unique and goofy questions you have the better!)  Have fun!