Now that students have seen the clothing vocabulary online from El Corte Ingles and read about accessories and shoes in People En Espanol it’s time that they hear how these words are really pronounced and start to use them!

This is one quick activity that gets the class involved and allows them to hear these words/descriptions of clothing. You will need a box of random clothes and an old bed sheet! Kara inspired me with this idea, because she always had a great bin of old funky clothes in her classroom that kids used during this unit. Now I have my own and I find the weirder the clothes – the better!

Here’s how I do it. In the target language, I say something like…

“I have heard some interesting information.”

“I heard that ‘Juan’ is going to a concert and ‘Luisa’ is going to a college party! (I choose kids that like to be the center of attention, and usually clear it with them before class just to be sure) How exciting! But wait, oh no! Look at their clothes! A t-shirt and Jeans! No! They are not ready. They both need new clothes to wear to their special events.”

(I have to big sheets, and I have a few kids volunteer to hold them up as a privacy screen/dressing room. They both go into their dressing rooms.)

“So, they need new clothes. What should they wear? What do you all recommend? Should Juan wear pants or shorts? Shorts? I have blue ones or green ones? Which pair is better? What else should he wear? A sweater or a t-shirt? What color?”

Each time the class chooses something, I throw it over the sheet for the student to put on. Their reactions always make the class laugh. The class recommends clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Once “Juan” is ready we have the big unveiling… Ta-chang!

They love seeing the student wearing a ridiculious pairing of clothes! Here’s one of my volunteers from last week… Guapa!

Just a side note, nobody strips down behind those sheets! I feel like I have to make sure that’s known. All clothes go over their original clothing. However, most classes DO pick dresses and heels for their guy classmates! 🙂