I try to always include a game station when I do stations. The “game” may actually be speaking practice or vocabulary review or hands-on action with the language, but if it has some competitive aspect, then it’s a game! This station gets students working together and that’s a victory in itself sometimes.

I believe that I have to try to reach every kid. We all know that some students are hard to win over. Games are a great way to break the ice. On the other hand, our best students will work hard and still learn even if we asked them to copy the dictionary. The question is… How much more could they learn if they were having fun doing it?

When I choose a game for this station, I think about a few things:

  1. – the current unit topic
  2. – the students’ proficiency level
  3. – the personality of the group

Here are some of the games Kara and I use in class. Click on the title to read more about it.

  • Spoons – a fast paced game to practice unit vocabulary.

  • 30 seconds – A circumlocution game – Here students have to try to get their teammates to guess a word by describing it in the TL.

  • Tech games/Apps



7 palabritas/7 petit mots


Don’t forget to leave valuable game language posted while they play!
Happy Friday! Learn and have fun too!