I am one of those nomadic cart teachers that leaves a Spanish sign everywhere I go. I spend a lot of time reorganizing the cart and eliminating excess papers. I saw a wonderful exit slip idea from one of my room sisters Ivonne. She has stacks of exit slips, ready to go, already cut out, with different questions. Whenever she doesn’t have a specific exit question, she uses those. I’ll admit that I don’t have a closing every day, and I know I need one. I fell in love with this idea, but having all those little papers on the cart is one more thing to organize…


I took hers plus some of my own and made a Keynote Presentation (PowerPoint). I have a stack of blank quarter pieces of papers in one stack on my cart. Now I can pass out those papers, or tell them to use their own paper. Then I choose which slide fits the day’s lesson and it’s ready! This has helped me stay organized, be prepared with a daily exit slip and be able to adjust the exit slip quickly.

Ivonne’s original slips:


How do you do exit slips?