The last few days of school can get kind of crazy where I teach. Finals are over, kids are on field trips, doing make up testing, or simply MIA. Without something to do the classes seem to last forever.

One thing I do on one of the last few days is give the students a survey. I like to get some feedback from them. It gives me an idea of what they enjoyed and it helps me plan for new lessons over the summer. Students know this isn’t a part of a grade so I try not to make it too long or painful. In fact, I like to use Survey Monkey and have the students answer the questions online. It is easy to make and gives allows me to create a mix of multiple choice, rating, and open-ended questions.

Here’s a screenshot of a survey I did for one class. I love how the website totals things up after surveys are complete so you can see the bigger picture!

I like to ask questions like…

What was your favorite thing about Spanish class this year?

What was the hardest part?

What 3 activities were the most beneficial in helping you learn? (then I usually list a bunch of them to help them remember some of the things we did) La bienvenida, stations, warm-up video, games, puzzles, speaking activities, ask ask switch, stamp sheets…

How much did you learn?  not a lot – Less than I expected /  a good amount – what I expected  / a lot – more than I expected

What was the most interesting thing you learned about Hispanic culture?

Would you be interested in taking Spanish 3? Why or why not? (if they are currently in Spanish 2)

What is one fun/funny memory of this class?

Who is one person in this class that you didn’t know before but got to know in class? What made you like them?

When they finish, I skim though the answers to the last two questions and anonymously read their responses about special memories and new friends.

Great, good, bad, or ugly… it’s good to have feedback. You give them feedback with a grade, let them give you feedback too.  It will help you be a better teacher next year!

Do you do this? If so, share your technique with us below! I’d love to get some new ideas!