As a former cart teacher, some habits have stuck with me over the years. I learned to be very efficient and organized.

Problem: I needed a way to organize student notebooks and work that I can easily take with me if needed.

Solution: I bought crates to put hanging folders. I have a crate for each class period, color coded of course! I put any extra handouts in the main folder for absent students. Each student also has their own to put their notebooks, projects, and assessments.

20130819-082049 p.m..jpg


They like it because:

~ They can quickly find their folder

~ It keeps all their past assessments so they can study at the end of course

I like it because:

~ I have a record of their work and progress

~ I can easily take a crate if I wanted to

~ Easy to change folders when students switch at the end of courses

~ It takes up less space in a classroom (less than a whole shelf or file cabinet drawer)

~ I pass them on to other language teachers if a student leaves me


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How do you organize student notebooks and work?