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  1. Erika

    I would like to know what activities do you use to teach vocabulary. Thank you!

    • Angie Wagoner

      Usually we begin with a short list of vocab, then it depends…often times I print them off in small pieces of paper and do an activity where kids sit with a pile of words, draw a word from the pile, and then ask a question/make a sentence/begin a conversation using that word. Once that word is “retired”, they draw another one. At then end, kids share their favorite sentence/questions/definition etc. of one word with the whole group. I also play “piramide” with the kids, where there are 4 words, one kid sits w/ his/her back to the board and one kid gives information about the word w/out saying the word and kids guess. We do role playing using vocab, practice listening or reading w/ vocab, etc. I hope that is what you’re looking for!


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