I have a gem of an idea here for your today, thanks to my friend Denise. It’s an awesome (FREE) storytelling app called…

Adobe -Voice World language class applications



It helps you brainstorm what sort of story you will create. If you click the tabs on the app, they even list ideas for different types of instructional videos, school presentations, business ideas or personal stories – it can help you organize and deliver ANY message.

adobe voice 2

Once you decide what kind of story you will be telling the app guide you along by breaking down the key components of your message. Hello, English class!

adobe 3

You choose a photo, doodle or text for each part of the story, and then record your voice over top of each part! Best part, if you mess up one part you don’t have to start over. You can divide your message into small parts so it’s easier to deliver. It’s mistake-friendly – great for language learners!

It looked so fun I decided to try it out. So without further adieu… Here is my FIRST Adobe Voice story about my unforgettable trip to Ecuador last week. Thanks for letting me share. Enjoy!