I use Megan’s cognate practice for my level one classes. For level two and three, I like to “up the level” for them!


The goal slide is meant to be a little funny. They will freak a little bit, and then I will promise them that it is possible. This site has a great list of cognates: Spanish Cognates.


Put students in groups. Give them magazines, newspapers, flyers, Internet articles, etc. in the target language. Give each group one cognate page. They will cut out cognates and glue them on the page. Hang up the pages around the room. If you don’t want them to cut them, they can just write out the words.


Now ask students to walk around and figure out the “rules” for the cognates. They can write them on a “Cognados” note sheet. This is when they will start seeing the patterns and be able to create some on their own.