I recently stumbled across chalkboard paint as I was roaming around Lowe’s and decided to use it this year in my classroom. I love that the black stands out from the white walls and white paper I normally use! I set up stations a lot with my students and have been wanting a more permanent way to let kids know what they will be doing at that station. So I painted a little around the room, walls, tables, and more. Here’s how it turned out…

(excuse the sloppy handwriting!)
I plan on putting new words and phrases on the strip each week to help while they complete each task. At this speaking station I will put up phrases like… “What do you think?” or “In my opinion” to help them keep their conversations alive. The beautiful thing is that I don’t have to type, print, or tape up the words. All I have to do is erase it and rewrite.
I also painted an old picture and I’ll use it as an instruction board at one of my stations. Here’s it is…


Chalkboards may be old school, but this paint is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

What about you? Anyone use chalkboard paint in their classroom? I would love to hear some suggestions!