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Keep It Simple: Classroom Decor

It’s almost August and suddenly teachers are feeling the heat (not just these 100 degree temperatures)! It’s really easy to get caught up in bulletin boards, Pinterest boards, supplies, ideas… and it can be overwhelming. There is so much you COULD do. Not, there is so much you NEED to do. Today, let’s simplify classroom decor.
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Grading: it’s only a matter of time!

Look at how you spend your work time. It will show what is most important to you. As a teacher it seems there is always something that demands your attention… meetings, making copies, fixing the copy machine, planning, grading, phone calls… I love Kara’s thoughts about work/life balance and time saving tips and they got
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What’s grammar got to do with it?

Grammar. You already know which side of the fence you’re on, don’t you? It seems to me that world language teachers either LOVE it or HATE it. That it is crucial to student success or it’s not necessary at all. Well, I’m not part of either of those camps. Call me Switzerland, but I can’t
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FYI…Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Whether you’re a brand new teacher, new to proficiency, or simply trying new things this year… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you have a great lesson that inspires (and requires) more time on the next lesson. Other times, a lesson or new idea falls flat leaving you scratching your head for how to improve
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Monday Motivation

Is your lesson perfect?

I’ve had a few observations lately. One was from a student preparing to be a teacher. It made me think… What is the best advice I can give her? What is one thing I wish someone would have told me when I first started teaching? Then (when my computer – which was connected to the
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Time to Try Something New!

  What is something you’ve always wanted to do? What new experiences will your students encounter in class?   Please share… We can’t wait to hear!

Talent Search!

Twitter hashtags have been a big hit for a long time. One of my favorites was the #saidnoteacherever. Someecards also came up with some funny ones teachers can definitely understand. But what about a #saidnoWORLDLANGUAGEteacherever… What would those look like?  We’re putting together our own version. If you are willing to get in front of
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Presentations – A Beautiful Disaster!

So after students had a great day full of comprehensible input about my 3 favorite Hispanic athletes we were ready to begin part 2. Presentations! I don’t usually make students get up and speak in front of the whole group in level 1, but since I have resources (iPads) they had the option to make
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Comprehensible input is the key!

When I first started teaching I remember being told: “Do your best, but know that not EVERY lesson will be great at first. Aim for ONE great lesson a week.” Now, I’ll be really honest. I have some lessons that still go bad now and then. Not every day is easy and no two classes
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