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Greet Them at the Door

Thinking about decorating your classroom or cart? Or using Target Language from day 1? We have something that will do both! It’s a post from the past and we still love it, so we gave it a fresh update for the new year. We hope you ♥love♥ today’s #free #DailyDownload!

Keep it simple: How I use flags to help

Today I want to share my “flags” to help you simplify life in the classroom. This is a ready-to-use system for assigning research topics and partners. Check out ways to use this huge time-saver!

TBT: The Welcome to Class

This is a class routine from the beginning of time by Megan that I still love. Post #43 to be exact. Enjoy a little “Throwback Thursday”!

Quick! Get in your groups!

If you’ve had your students in class all year your job should be so easy! Flawless transitions, no personality conflicts, 100% cooperation… Plus, by now they have learned a lot of language and can stay in the target language so much longer than they could at the beginning of the year. Ok, let’s be real… it’s
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Beyond “Bien”

Greeting students at the door has numerous benefits including creating a personal connection, setting an example of polite etiquette, and for us language folks, using the language! The learning starts at the door.

Exit Slip Posters

I really need to improve my ways of assessing their learning at the end of a lesson instead of waiting until they take an assessment. I have revamped my exit slip procedure by adding this poster to my old bag of tricks.

Hitting the 90% Target

The last ACTFL newsletter had a great article about staying in the target language in class. This is always a big challenge for me. Enjoy this reading and please share your thoughts!

Passport Needed

Megan posted before about giving students a Hispanic name and country that they are “from” to get students more interested. I wanted to add a little more culture based on some ideas from the comments, so I created passports with the flag as the background.

One Solution: Stations!

Published on: Aug 26, 2012 During my first two years of teaching a language, I noticed some patterns. 1.) Although I had big classes (around 30), about 5-10 students did the majority of speaking in class in the TL. 2.) Students got bored easily. I needed to change the activity/task every 10-15 minutes (especially with level one students)
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Escaping Class in the Target Language

One of our first week lesson plans is how to escape, I mean, how to leave the classroom. I do this lesson for these reasons: * New students get to see the faces and names of people they may need to visit. * They can do it in the target language. * It teaches them
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