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ACTFL Takeaway – Cultural Contexts Make Learning More Meaningful!

One of my favorite sessions at ACTFL16 was a Sunday morning session by two teachers from the American School in London. The session was about incorporating tech projects in the language classroom and both teachers showed how they let students learn and practice language with fun, independent tech tools. I noticed something else. What stood
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ACTFL Takeaway – Ordering & Negotiating Activities

I love adding to my “adaptable activities” teacher toolbox! Tori Gilbert – @vgilbertTEACH – gave a simple activity idea that I can easily use in class for a variety of topics. Check it out!

ACTFL Takeaway – Real Audiences Matter

We had a great time presenting with Erika Shupe and Kris Morehead on a session called “Teaching outside of the box.” We all shared a story and it got me thinking about real audiences and how motivating they can be!

ACTFL Takeaway – Names and Stereotyping Lesson

I love getting new ideas – big and little – from ACTFL! Here’s one lesson plan idea that incorporates a social justice issue appropriate for novices and higher.

TL Challenge

ACTFL 2016 is winding down and I have one quick idea to give those conferences lanyards a second life that CHALLENGES (not forces) students to stay in the target language.

TELL COLLAB. Shaking up conferences!

Megan and I are excited to attend the TELL COLLAB, a unique “unconference” in Austin, TX. Find out what makes this conference different from the others.

#ACTFL14 – San Antonio

Another great conference. This is my 3rd time at ACTFL and I think I’m just starting to see what’s so special about it.

KWLA Wrap Up

Let’s see what happened at KWLA, through tweets!

Edmodo Conference 2014

If you use iPads, laptops, or teach in a place where students are allowed to use their own phones and technology – this post is for you!

ACTFL 2014!

This year’s theme is “Reaching Global Competency.” What are you passionate about that you would like to share with other teachers? Submit a proposal here!