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Chopsticks and Chinese New Year

鸡年吉祥 / Jínián jíxiáng / Good luck for this Rooster year! As Chinese New Year approaches, here’s a video, follow-up activity and a few ideas that we want to share. Even if you teach a different language, see how culture can instantly hook their curiosity!

ACTFL Takeaway – Cultural Contexts Make Learning More Meaningful!

One of my favorite sessions at ACTFL16 was a Sunday morning session by two teachers from the American School in London. The session was about incorporating tech projects in the language classroom and both teachers showed how they let students learn and practice language with fun, independent tech tools. I noticed something else. What stood
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Three Kings’ Day with a Career Connection

To wrap up the New Year’s topic, I ended with the Three Kings’ Day (January 6th). The first time I taught this, my high schoolers wrote a wish letter to the Kings. That didn’t quite excite them like I hoped it would. So I changed the focus to connect to the real world career of media/marketing, and
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Another New Year’s lesson I’ve done was on resolutions. We had a required unit for level 2 that was healthy eating and activities so I thought this would be a good way to touch on the goals from that unit and redecorate my room.

Unique New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

I hope you are still enjoying your winter break! If you are ready to start planning, I have 3 posts this week that are full of resources and ideas that I use during the first week back in January. I find my most successful lessons have an experience that introduces them to a new product, practice and
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Happy NEW Year! What’s your professional resolution?

I love New Years! I love setting goals and making lists. Even better, I love crossing something off once it has been completed. Each January I try to make 1 financial goal, 1 health goal, 1 professional goal, and a goal to learn something new. Do I always accomplish them? Ha. No way, but goals
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Get ’em on their feet!

Here’s an idea that Kara and I have been playing around with in our classes. We were inspired by a comment from Robyn a while back. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Most classrooms have the teacher up and busy and the students sitting and quiet. This is great group activity to get students
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Sort It Out

How do I hold them accountable without making them translate on interpretive tasks? Oh and I also want it to be quick to make!

Party with a Purpose

Our department usually gets together once or twice a year (with all our students) and celebrates a few holidays together. This year a few of us teachers decided to do it right before Christmas break. I love celebrating, and parties are great, but deep down I feel like I’m not doing my job if students
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