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Celebrate the Cinco

Any celebration is a chance to show your students the products, practices and perspectives of a culture while adding new vocabulary. Something I like to do when there are many aspects to a topic, is to assign a different goal to groups that they will present to the class in a station/science fair setting. Today
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Cinco de mayo: a celebration of culture!

I started our “cinco de mayo” study with a few interesting articles as I was out of class at PD’s twice this week. Students read about authentic street foods in Mexico like elote, carnitas, aguas frescas, and… (one of the best street foods in the world) TAMALES. Reading about them was interesting, but it was
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Cultural games… Playing is learning!

For me, our district’s family unit ends up being a lot of  review. Students already know how to introduce, give simple descriptions, and talk about likes and dislikes. Yes, they may move from “me llamo” to “se llama” and “me gusta” to “nos gusta” but that’s never the focus of my lessons. So for me
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Cinco de mayo Resources

I got this email from Scholastic with a link to some good resources: