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Making Interpretive Tasks More Authentic

The Interpretive Mode. I have more questions than I have answers about this mode. But I do know this! I want to make them mimic what learners will encounter in the real world as much as I can in a World Language classroom. I have included some tasks and lesson examples that I use to make interpretive
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Digital Highlighting Activity

Highlighting is one of my top go-to interpretive reading activities. Today I will review an app for Apple devices and Chrome. Let’s see how highlighting can go digital!

A Quiz They Will Want To Take!

I try to offer a variety of reading for students – it stretches them to see new things and connects to more kids! Articles, infographics, tweets… if native speakers are reading it, then I’m going to consider using it for my classes. Here’s an interactive reading that has been catching my eye lately. In fact,
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Let Authres Take the Lead ~ Step 3

Starting with authentic resources is great for helping students find new vocab, ask questions about culture, and stay in the target language. I’ve also found that using authentic resources helped me plan better ways to assess learning. That’s step 3 – Authentic tasks and assessments. Here’s another Valentine’s day example of how to start with authres. If
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Spark Excitement with Authentic Resources

#AuthRes (authentic resources) have made a huge impact in world language classes around the world. Basically, they are anything made for native speakers. The beautiful thing is that the internet has helped make these resources available to all of us and to all of our students without having to go on a long trip. Hooray for
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3 Quick and Easy Reading Forms

Having generic forms has been a major timesaver when working with authentic resources. I used to rack my brain to come up with questions for each article or infographic I found… not anymore! I save my specific questions for our discussions AFTER reading. These are three easy forms I use with news articles, reviews or
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30+ Interpretive Reading Activities

Yes! An awesome authentic reading resource! I feel like I hit gold. Now what do the students do with it to show their comprehension and to learn new vocabulary and structures?? We have compiled a list of more than 30 activities that we have done, all while staying in the TL. Hope this helps to
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Independent Reading Bookmarks

For the first time, I’m teaching an English class for English Learners. It has been interesting seeing how strategies I’ve used in my Spanish classes translate (ha, ha!) to this class. The activity that has really helped me structure the class is a class-opener that I call “Bookmarks,” which is an independent reading activity. I will
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Creating Questions for Trivia Time

It’s time to try something new! That’s what a new semester encourages me to do. I love starting class with a hook (video, meme, song, article, etc. in TL of course!) that gets them curious about the culture. On the final, there was a “trivia” section based on the “hooks” with open-ended questions in Spanish. This
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6-Word Memoir

I wanted the students to sum up the important points of the characters. Thanks to Twitter (aka best PD ever), I discovered 6-word memoirs, another ELA activity that easily works for us, especially as a reading comprehension or creative writing task.