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Making Interpretive Tasks More Authentic

The Interpretive Mode. I have more questions than I have answers about this mode. But I do know this! I want to make them mimic what learners will encounter in the real world as much as I can in a World Language classroom. I have included some tasks and lesson examples that I use to make interpretive
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Let Authres Take the Lead ~ Step 3

Starting with authentic resources is great for helping students find new vocab, ask questions about culture, and stay in the target language. I’ve also found that using authentic resources helped me plan better ways to assess learning. That’s step 3 – Authentic tasks and assessments. Here’s another Valentine’s day example of how to start with authres. If
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YouTube Task #4: Predict the Future

True language proficiency is what your students can do on the spot. Making a prediction in the middle of a YouTube video is a fun way to practice this unrehearsed language. Now, novices may not be able to create on their own but you can help them learn how to do it. Give them a
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Spark Excitement with Authentic Resources

#AuthRes (authentic resources) have made a huge impact in world language classes around the world. Basically, they are anything made for native speakers. The beautiful thing is that the internet has helped make these resources available to all of us and to all of our students without having to go on a long trip. Hooray for
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Independent Listening – 3 Family Videos

Language learners need a lot of input. That’s a fact. However, not all input is equal. They need authentic examples of vocabulary in action to grow, and not just from their teacher. That’s why I love YouTube. There’s so much students can learn from a YouTube video (language, culture, pronunciation… just to name a few)
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Four Corners

Interpretive Listening Activity

Creating Questions for Trivia Time

It’s time to try something new! That’s what a new semester encourages me to do. I love starting class with a hook (video, meme, song, article, etc. in TL of course!) that gets them curious about the culture. On the final, there was a “trivia” section based on the “hooks” with open-ended questions in Spanish. This
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Celebrating “La Navidad” – videos for class

I love celebrating holidays in class because it is full of language and learning – not a break from it! Here are a few videos that Kara and I use in class to share culture and practice listening skills.

Pecha Kucha about 17 Listening Activities

A huge THANKS to Thomas Sauer for organizing the first ACTFL PowerShare session using a Pecha Kucha presentation style, aka 20 pictures showing for 20 seconds each while someone presents (quickly). It was a fun, fast way to get (and share) a lot of information. 

Hispanics in the World

Finding good authentic videos for class can consume hours of planning time. Here are two gems I found this month that I can’t wait to try in class.